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A person died from starvation in Artsakh: ALARM to my international colleagues

A person died from starvation in Artsakh: ALARM to my international colleagues.
❗️A resident of the ongoing 8-month-long blockaded Artsakh, K. Hovhannisyan, born in 1983, according to the conclusion of the forensic medical examination, died as a result of chronic malnutrition, protein and energy deficiency.
🖇️The humanitarian disaster resulting from the complete blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan poses a grave threat to the lives of more than 100,000 Armenians residing in their homeland.
🖇️Azerbaijan conducts ethnic cleansing and genocidal policy in Artsakh, the consequences of which are brutally borne by the civilian population.
📑I am preparing urgent letters to all Embassies accredited in the Republic of Armenia and international humanitarian organisations. These letters aim to bring attention to the aforementioned incident and to call for the implementation of preventive measures in order to safeguard the lives of 120,000 individuals and to restore the integrity of International Humanitarian Law that has been violated by Azerbaijan.
Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs of the National Assembly of RA, whose powers have been illegally terminated, nonpartisan MP TAGUHI TOVMASYAN