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Director General of Ucom took part in a recruiting conference

Director General of Ucom Ralph Yirikian participated in the Recruit Days business and networking conference organized by Move2Career.


Ralph Yirikian gave a TED Talk on the topic “New management style. Digital transformation". In particular, he expressed several ideas about the digital transformation that is often carried out in modern companies and emphasized the importance of effective communication throughout the process.


"It is important to understand that digital technologies are not coming to take our jobs, on the contrary, they are here to make our work more efficient. Thanks to them, companies can increase their profits, save money and improve their efficiency. Managers should ensure that all employees clearly understand the significance of digital technologies, working to explain why digital transformation is being pursued. By doing so, employees will be more actively engaged in the transformation process," stated Ralph Yirikian, Director General of Ucom.


The event also featured a discussion on the topic "Formation of a Working Team in the 202X: Challenges, Trends, Prospects," during which representatives from business and government sectors addressed the recruitment challenges faced by companies.