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Aurora to Honor Best of Humanity in LA

Aurora to Honor the Best of Humanity in Los Angeles

The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative partners with The Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA for a series of inspiring events on May 8–10, 2024

Leading humanitarians will come together to discuss the world’s most pressing humanitarian issues and announce the 2024 Aurora Prize Laureate

LOS ANGELES, Calif., February 21, 2024 – The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative announced that a special series of events will be held from May 8–10, 2024 in Los Angeles, CA. The events, including the 2024 Aurora Prize Ceremony and the Human Rights and Humanitarian Forum, are being organized in partnership with The Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA.

The events are co-chaired by Dr. Noubar Afeyan, Co-Founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, Founder and CEO of Flagship Pioneering, and Co-Founder and Chairman of Moderna, and Dr. Eric Esrailian, UCLA professor and Chief of the Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Division of Digestive Diseases. Dr. Esrailian, also an Emmy-nominated film producer and entrepreneur, led the efforts to establish The Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA in 2017.

“We are honored to join forces with The Promise Institute for Human Rights to support outstanding humanitarians and human rights defenders putting themselves at risk to help others,” said Dr. Afeyan. “Over the past eight years, Aurora has fostered a global network of like-minded individuals committed to this important work, and we look forward to the events in Los Angeles to further elevate the voices of grassroots activists everywhere and show the world the power of each individual to bring about positive change.”

“The 2024 Aurora Prize events in Los Angeles will offer guests and participants a chance to express their appreciation to those who selflessly help others in need. People will hopefully come away inspired to channel that gratitude into action, join us in this global movement, and contribute to our common cause,” said Dr. Esrailian, co-chair of the events. “By shining a light on the best of humanity, which often emerges in the darkest of times, we intend to raise awareness – both in the US and around the world – of ordinary human beings whose sense of compassion and justice motivates them to do extraordinary things.”

The 2024 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity Laureate will be announced during the Aurora Prize Ceremony, with the Laureate selected from the Aurora Humanitarians shortlisted in September 2023. The prize award will enable the Laureate to continue the cycle of giving and supporting grassroots humanitarians and organizations that give a second chance to people in need.

The Human Rights and Humanitarian Forum and other events will bring together leading experts in the field for insightful discussions on a range of topics including gender justice, women’s empowerment, global health crisis and education.

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About the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity

The Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity is a $1 million global award that recognizes those who risk their lives, health, or freedom to save the lives, health, or freedom of others. It has shone a spotlight on some of the world’s most pressing and overlooked crises since its foundation in 2015. The 2024 Aurora Humanitarians shortlisted for the 2024 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity were named on September 18, 2023, at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting in New York City.

About the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative is a foundation that seeks to address on-the-ground humanitarian challenges around the world with the focus on helping the most destitute. Its mission is rooted in the Armenian history as the Initiative was founded on behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and in gratitude to their saviors and strives to transform this experience into a global movement.

About The Promise Institute for Human Rights The Promise Institute for Human Rights, based in the UCLA School of Law, is the innovative center for human rights education, research, and impact for the UCLA campus. Leveraging the creativity and dynamism of Los Angeles, we seek to reimagine the potential of human rights to address some of the most pressing issues of our time.