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Some of the equipment required for the modernization of the UCOM mobile network has already arrived in Armenia


Today, Ralph Yirikian, the Director General of "Ucom" CJSC, personally oversaw the unloading process of the equipment of Ericsson, one of the global giants in the supply of modern ICT products, solutions, software, and services, which arrived in Armenia. During a recent press conference, the Director General highlighted that the modernization and expansion of both mobile and fixed networks in Armenia are key pillars of Ucom's 5-year strategy. The company has already initiated the modernization of the mobile network to make it 5G ready, collaborating with industry leaders like Ericsson.

"We have previously announced the commencement of the re-equipment, development, modernization, and network expansion works, which will be carried out in several stages. The equipment for the first part of the initial phase has already arrived, and we are currently in the process of unloading and installing them at different stations. I want to once again remind our subscribers that a little patience will be required during this extensive network improvement, as there may be intermittent interruptions or temporary degradation in service quality. However, the ultimate goal is to achieve excellent mobile network quality and provide an exceptional experience for our unique and beloved subscribers," stated Ralph Yirikian, Director General of Ucom.

Let us remind that besides modernizing the network, Ucom is set to revamp several of its services by replacing the outdated technological platforms and solutions with the most advanced and innovative alternatives.