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LIVE. March from Russian Embassy to UN Office in support of recognition of Artsakh's independency (video)

A group of citizens had just gathered near the Russian Embassy and marched from the Russian Embassy to the UN Office in Armenia with "Free, independent Artsakh", "Erdogan, terrorist" and other similar calls. 

Their demand was to recognize the independence of Artsakh.

One of the organizers of the meeting, Hayk Stepanyan, mentioned that the recognition of Artsakh's independence by the world can stop the war that is being waged today in Artsakh against the Azerbaijani-Turkish mercenary terrorists. "In words, the world is fighting against terrorism, but in practice only the Armenian people are fighting against terrorists in Artsakh."

Stepanyan expressed confidence that the process of recognizing Artsakh's independence has already started, there will be tangible results very soon. The participants of the meeting said that their gatherings in front of the embassies will be continuous and full of hope that especially the Minsk Group co-chairing states will be the first to recognize Artsakh's independence.