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Lonely Wolf is an indisputable authority in Karabakh (video)

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Every visitor of Karabakh will be offered to visit Hunot Canyon. Water flowing over these nice umbrellas covered with moss is constant. Though, someone has managed to distort this natural wonder with the proof of their love. ser Tourists in Karabakh are also offered newly-opened museums and galleries. Those thirsty for art can get saturated with Mongolian canvas- Gobi Desert. Gobi anapat Someone may try to recognize Karabakh Mona Liza in the Portrait of Old Woman. It is Bako Sahakyan’s present. Mona Liza Donations are the majority of the works at the gallery; in this sense Serzh Sargsyan also singles out with Monte Melkonyan’s canvas. Monte In the Museum of Geology one can understand that the world of stones can be equally magical like the world of colors. And it has its history in the name of a stone called pyrite, which is known as fool’s gold. But it isn’t gold. himarneri voski Though, the attraction of the Museum of Geology is the group of stones, which don’t contain iron in them. Their colors can be seen only under ultraviolet rays. It is a scientific phenomenon; according to the colors geologists can know what the stone contains. 00145.MTS.Still001 Thanks to these stones the museum provides many free services to tourists. For example, the stones can say whether their dollars are fake or not. In the History Museum even the most indifferent person can see that Lonely Wolf [Arayik Khandoyan] is an indisputable authority in Karabakh. No police regiment can remove his portrait from this museum. Khandoyan Fans of military art can see the miniature, which explains how Armenian forces smaller in number and having fewer weapons than Azerbaijani forces were able to liberate Shushi. The ruins of Tigranakert discovered a few years ago also have much to tell to the tourists. This jug wasn’t for cheese or butter. It is a coffin. The dead person was put in it in the shape one was born and the jug was buried. dagax 1 dagax 2 The museum is also hospitable for Aghdam swallows, which build nests in different parts of the museum. Cicernakner Each tourist in Karabakh should be offered to be in Stepanakert market. Here Zhengyalov Hats (bread stuffed with 20 herbs) is made just in the presence of guests. Jengyalov hac 2 Jengyalov hac 1 The visit of a number of representatives of the Armenian media outlets to Artsakh was organized within the frames of “Discover your country for you” expedition of the RA State Tourism Committee together with the AR Ministry of Economy