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Ucom Offers Buying a Smartphone and Getting Wireless Earbuds and a Nice Phone Number as a Gift

Ahead of the spring celebrations until April 7th, 2022 inclusive, when purchasing any smartphone at Ucom sales and service centers, as well as via Ucom’s online shop, the buyers will receive Accesstyle Grain wireless earbuds and a nice phone number as a gift, while also benefiting from the Level Up 1700 prepaid tariff plan inclusions for free during one month. 

It should be noted that with Level Up 1700 prepaid tariff plan the subscribers will get 200 minutes to call all local networks, Artsakh, USA, and Canada, 6 GB of mobile internet, and the opportunity to use over 18 popular applications free of charge, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Zoom, Duolingo, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. 

Accesstyle Grain wireless earbuds are water-resistant and provide quality sound through 8mm diameter 93 dB powerful speakers. 

“Gifts are never enough in spring. When purchasing your preferred smartphone in all Ucom sales and service centers as well as online via, you get the opportunity to benefit from the best credit terms of 0% down payment, 0% annual interest rate and 0% service fee for the first 12 months. And that is not all. Until April 8, there are special discounts for electric transport, smart TV-sets, smart home devices, which will work best in Ucom's network”, said Armen Mkhitaryan, the Head of Marketing at Ucom. 

Let us add, that the list of smart home accessories is being regularly updated and includes robot vacuum cleaners, smart sockets, lamps, motion, door and window sensors, water leak detectors and smoke detectors, which are also available in sets.