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A box of warmth to the children of Artsakh from Galaxy Group of Companies

Armenians are going through one of the toughest periods of our modern history—all of us still in great pain and mourning. However, we realize that regardless of the circumstances, our children must feel the festive mood of the New Year and holiday season.


Ahead of the New Year holidays, Galaxy Group of Companies along with World Vision Armenia international charity organization united their efforts around the idea of ​​kindness and care. Within the framework of the "Secret Santa" joint initiative, this year 300 children from Artsakh families, who took refuge in Armenia, received their gifts.


“The autumn of 2020 will forever remain one of the most tragic pages in our history. Every Armenian mourns the loss of our brave Armenian soldiers in the war and the tragic outcome the war had on our nation. Of course, we realize that with this initiative it is impossible to alleviate the enormous pain and tragedy that the families of Artsakh—and, unfortunately, the children too—are experiencing these days, but the mere idea that these gifts can give even the faintest of smiles to the children of Artsakh inspired us to move forward with this project,” said Shushan Harutyunyan, Chief Communications Officer of Galaxy Group of Companies.


Each child received a present, called a "Box of Warmth", from the employees of Ucom, Megafood, Yerevan Mall, Megatoys, KinoPark, Megasport, Time, Chronograph, Teryan 5, Santafe and Pahest33—all part of Galaxy Group of Companies.


According to Isabella Manasaryan, who is the Head of Resource Collection at World Vision Armenia, this year the organization, which is holding the "Secret Santa" initiative for the fourth time, is supporting the families and their children in need who came to Armenia from Artsakh.


“We are very thankful to Galaxy Group of Companies for bringing 300 children happiness with their Christmas presents. According to our observations, the purchase of Christmas presents in families who came to Armenia from Artsakh has been pushed back in terms of priority these days due to other concerns,” said Manasaryan.


The presents were sent to the Amasia community of Shirak region.




Galaxy Group of Companies is one of the biggest holding companies in Armenia. The Group, along with is subsidiaries, is one of the biggest taxpayers in the country. Most of the company's turnover is directed towards the implementation of social responsibility programs in Armenia in the spheres of education, social development and art—all with the goal of improving people’s quality of life.


World Vision operates in more than 100 countries around the world, contributing to the well-being of millions of children and their families. The organization started its activities in Armenia after the devastating earthquake of 1988, providing humanitarian assistance. Then, in parallel with the humanitarian aid, World Vision started to implement development programs. Today, the organization supports every 7th child in Armenia or more than 650,000 children during the last 30 years.