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Only God won this war, he took so many children and enriched himself - 19-year-old hero's sister

"No one in the world had Arsen's smile." These are the words of 19-year-old junior sergeant Arsen Khachatryan's sister Anna. The hero, born in Nerkin Getashen of Gegharkunik region, defended the primary positions of Martuni region.

"We sent him to the army with joy and we would not have thought in our lives that we would 'receive' him in this way," says Anna. Arsen called his family every day during the war, Anna says he also called at night so that his mother would be calm and not be afraid.

The last time they spoke was on October 31, Arsen died the same day, at night. "On November 1, he did not call at all, we started to get scared, the mother was feeling something." On November 2, Arsen's friend sent the bot, saying that Arsen died in his arms.

"My brother was a sergeant, he sent others of his group and stayed with the two contractors, but appeared in the blockade. It seems to me that the person who goes there knows that he will not come back, he left consciously, my brother is immortal," the hero's sister says in a trembling voice.

He remembers that Arsen was always happy, even when he was calling from the border, he was the one who was asking: "how were you? What's up?"

"You would not feel fear in her words," says Anna. Only a few days before the incident, Arsen spoke about the loss of his friends. "When he was talking, the sounds of gunfire could be heard, but he said, 'We are sleeping here, we are idle.' "Sometimes we even thought he was not at the border."

The 19-year-old hero had goals and dreams, from education to marriage ․ "He wanted to study jewelry and  directing," says Anna.

"He was our happiness on the occasions and holidays, he loved to dance and rejoice," Anna remembers. "Every New Year we used to gather at our grandmother's house and celebrate, our New Year was very happy, Arsen was our joy, this New Year is the hardest year of all, we will all gather again, but we will already sit and look at Arsen's picture."

"Only God won this war only God won, he took so many children and enriched himself," says Anna.