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ARF youth continue actions. Police detain some citizens (video)

The youth of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) were again carrying out acts of disobedience on Mashtots Avenue today. Their demand is the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. With chants of "Nicole, traitor", they continued their action, to which the police intervened, arresting some of the citizens carrying out a act of disobedience.

ARF Youth Union member Kristine Vardanyan stated in a short briefing with journalists that the police are following Nikol Pashinyan's direct order, and Nikol Pashinyan is instructed to neutralize anyone who poses a threat to his seat as soon as possible by any means.

Vardanyan told reporters that they have information that 23 people were detained in the Nork department, she thinks that the number of those detained today will exceed several dozen.

Kristine Vardanyan added that their actions will continue until the government resigns.