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“There won’t be war, but there will be territorial change on both sides” (video)

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“The Nagorno Karabakh must have been recognized by Armenia long ago,” thinks ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary Arman Navasardyan. Before including the draft connected with that issue into the agenda, we must have prepared at least 10 states, which would recognize the independence of Karabakh first. But at the moment the diplomat considers a priority the issue of including Artsakh into the negotiations process. Retired colonel, military-political analyst Hayk Nahapetyan notes, “Thanks to the heroism of our soldiers and determination not to surrender the homeland, the enemy stepped back.” He highlighted that Russia must have been aware of the steps prepared by Azerbaijan. Retired colonel reminded also of another adversary, “Turkey has the third field army, which military task is to occupy Armenia and Georgia.” In reply to the question whether during the upcoming days, May 8-10, there will a resumption of war, Mr Nahapetyan said, “The statements, which were prior to the operations by Azerbaijan at the beginning of April, there are such phenomena also at present.  There have been reports, where the adversary’s power and invincibility are talked about. Those are the elements of information war. But the capabilities of our army are great. Several missiles are enough so that the half of Azerbaijan appear under water.” He says that if besides Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia and other countries intervene, it will be the beginning of the third world war. Besides, the former colonel also spoke about Yevlakh city, which is considered to be the heart of Azerbaijan, “If we start operations even only in the direction of Yevlakh, it will cause serious harm to them, and Azerbaijan will try to do what it did on May 12, 1994; it will ask for ceasefire.” He thinks that Azerbaijan will enter into large-scale war only if it loses the sense of reality. In connection with this issue, Arman Navasardyan noted, “There won’t be large-scale war, but there will be territorial changes on both sides.”