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Արայիկ Հարությունյան

President Harutyunyan signed a decree

President Harutyunyan signed a decree on a number of arrangements being carried out in the conditions of martial law announced in the territory of the Artsakh Republic.

According to the decree, in order to ensure the normal life of the Artsakh Republic population and prevent possible threat conditioned by the situation created as a result of the blockade of the Stepanakert-Goris highway by Azerbaijan on December 12, 2022 and based on the law “On Legal Regime of the Martial Law”, it was decided:


  • To transfer special purpose objects for state and local self-government bodies, the defense system, normal functioning of the state and the economy to the regime of martial law.
  • If necessary, to restrict the right of free movement in the territory of the Artsakh Republic, as well as to establish a special regime for leaving the specified territory.
  • To carry out the protection of facilities that ensure the vital activity of the population, the activities of specially protected objects and transport, as well as those that pose the greatest threat to the life and health of the population and the environment.
  • To restrict the right to freedom of assembly, to prohibit strikes and other events that suspend or terminate the activities of organizations, if necessary, to suspend the activities of organizations that carry out propaganda and other activities directed against the defense capability and security of the Artsakh Republic, in the manner prescribed by law.
  • To establish an Operational Headquarter for ensuring the realization of the arrangements stipulated by this decree and application of temporary restrictions of rights and freedom.
  • To appoint Artsakh Republic State Minister Ruben Vardanyan Head of the Operational Headquarter.
  • To establish that the instructions of the Head of the Operational Headquarter arising from this decree are binding on state and local self-government bodies, as well as individuals and legal entities.
  • To instruct the Government of the Artsakh Republic to establish a special procedure for the sale, purchase and circulation of food, medicine, and essential goods right after this decree enters into force.