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Slo Drboyan: If Azerbaijan agrees to give Karabakh, Turkey will not (video)

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Afrine's struggle is a universal struggle, and not only Kurds are suffering from it. Today head of the Kurdish community of Armenia, MP Knyaz Hasanov, Head of the "Kurdistan" Committee Zhenya Amiryan and member of the Shalalid Yezidi community Slo Drobyan made such a statement. "Erdogan began to think of entering Afrine, Kurdish city, so that his country was far from terrorists. He stated that it would last for 5 days, but 62 days have passed and the Kurds keep fighting in Afrine and have declared that they will not leave their homes," Knyaz Hasanov said. According to him, the international community kept being silent about the events, as they had dominant interests, particularly in the oil market. He called on the superpowers to fight against the massacre. Zhenya Amiryan noticed that the war was just beginning. "We will fight not only for the Kurds of Afrine, but for all peoples of Mesopotamia. Our guerillas will do everything to counterattack the Turkish barbarians." Slo Drboyan, a member of the Shalali Yezidi community, stressed that that was also a threat to the Armenian people; if Turkey continued its victories, the idea of ​​pan-Turkism would be realized. "They have a plan of entering Karabakh. Afrine and Karabakh are connected today. We have information that special detachments are being made from the Azeris in Turkey. Even the Turkish Prime Minister said in Azerbaijan that in case Azerbaijan agreed to give Karabakh, Turkey would not, since Karabakh was connected with Afrine then."