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Heated clashes continue: adversary thrown back sustaining significant losses

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Heated clashes are underway in the south-eastern and north-eastern directions of the Contact Line between the opposing forces of Karabakh and Azerbaijan. In reply to the large-scale shelling initiated by the adversary at dawn, the DA divisions took counter-attacking actions and in the direction of Talish, occupied a base of tactical significance, which yesterday was occupied by the Azerbaijani forces. The adversary was thrown back, sustaining significant losses. During the military operations two servicemen from the Karabakh side were wounded. The operations of the Karabakh forces are proceeding successfully also in the southern part of the battle line. Confronting the adversary’s missile-artillery and panzer attacks, the DA units destroyed two hostile tanks and one fighting vehicle in the southern wing. Information on the development of events will be provided in the upcoming press releases. Press service of NKR MOD