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The President sent an address

Culture Official

On 28 June Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent an address in connection with the opening of the “Education without Discrimination within the framework of the Bologne Process” international conference. The address runs as follows: “Respected participants of the conference, Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome cordially the participants of the international conference “Education without Discrimination within the framework of the Bologne Process”. Holding such events in Artsakh with the participation of renowned Armenian and foreign scientists and experts, representatives of the educational sector is demanded and significant. Discussions held in this format will enable to form a more extensive and in-depth vision of various issues related to the development of education in the world and leading countries, possible solution to them and the prospects of applying successful patterns in our republic. In Artsakh we put special emphasize to these very crucial issues, especially taking into consideration the significance of education and science for our country and nation. The field of education is considered to be among the key strategic directions for the progress of our state. Intellectual potential is the biggest wealth Artsakh possesses and its development and continuous improvement to a great extent depends on the establishment and maintenance of firm ties and practical interactions with the civilized world in the sphere of education. This vision is also in full correspondence with international norms, as high quality education promoting all-round development of an individual is among the most significant components securing the development of a state, fundamental human rights and democracy. I am confident that the conference will solve efficiently the tasks set before it and will have a useful contribution to the development of education in our republic. I wish everybody success and all the best”.


Central Information Department

of the Office of the ARTSAKH REPUBLIC President