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Galaxy Group of Companies replaced the traditional New Year's gifts with houses of kindness and peace crafted by the children of Artsakh (video)


The road brought 50 Artsakh children from Voghjaberd settlement to Yerevan for a pottery workshop, where they learned the art of firing clay and crafting various creations. The initiative to teach Artsakh children the secrets of pottery was spearheaded by Galaxy Group of Companies.

The aim of this initiative was to bring positive changes to the daily lives of Artsakh children. Throughout the lessons, the children learned about pottery skills and their practical applications. Expressing their gratitude, the children showcased their accomplishments by creating small clay houses. In a gesture of spreading the values of kindness and peace, Galaxy Group of Companies has chosen to gift these symbolic houses of children's dreams to their 200 colleagues.

"This project was designed to positively impact the daily lives of children. We cannot remain indifferent to the emotions of our fellow citizens, especially during the holidays when children require our care. Through this initiative and all our social projects, we aim to assure our compatriots forcibly displaced from Artsakh that they are not alone, and together, we will find options to overcome challenges," expressed Gurgen Khachatryan, Co-Founder and Co-chairman of Galaxy Group of Companies.

The NGO "Bari Mama" played a crucial role in this project, overseeing the selection of beneficiaries, as well as engaging children and parents. The program, courses, and overall project concept were developed by AxelMondrian & Partners reputation management company.

At Galaxy Group of Companies, there is a profound understanding that those who have lost their country and homeland require assistance beyond comfort. The "United and Caring" humanitarian initiative by Galaxy community successfully provided 100 tons of food aid to 5,000 families over three months. In 2024, Galaxy Group of Companies remains committed to extending a helping hand to target groups, aiming to relieve their hardships and create more opportunities for smiles.



For the fifth consecutive year, Galaxy Group of companies has been implementing social programs as part of corporate social responsibility ahead of the New Year, with a primary focus on children. To date, over sixty successful programs have been implemented, benefiting more than 15,000 people.